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Top Three Essential Oils and Hair Loss Solutions

You have heard a lot about essential oils and hair loss. For years now, you have been trying to desperately grow your tresses, but it may already be due to your genes why your mane takes a long time to regrow. You have tried a lot of products and treatments, but the results were superficial. You want something that will last and produce a great effect, hence you are serious in finding out more about essential oils and hair growth.

First and foremost, do not confuse mineral oils and essential oils. There are a lot of hair care products that contain mineral oils, which are synthetic elements that act as preservatives. Mineral oils are derived from petroleum sources. These can clog the pores of your skin, making it hard for your skin to get rid of toxins. As a result, you will not see tremendous effects in terms of hair growth and the products may also have negative effects on your tresses and skin in the long run.

Switch to Essential Oils and Hair Growth Products

It is best that you try out the oils and hair growth products first before continuing with its use. This way, you can test if you are allergic to any of these natural oils and also to find out which one will work best for the type of tresses that you have.

To help you decide which products to use, here’s a list of the top essential oils that are beneficial for your mane.

1. Lavender Essential Oil. This is typically grown in places with temperate climates. The oil was used by ancient practitioners in treating and preventing baldness, as well as in growing the tresses. This is effective because of its antibacterial elements that can help in treating scalp problems. When it reaches the hair shaft, the oil works its wonders in getting rid of dandruff and in eliminating the dryness of the skin.

You can use the infused oil in massaging your head and scalp nightly. Its scent has a calming effect, which can help you sleep soundly. When you wake up in the morning, use an organic shampoo in washing your locks. Towel dry your hair before styling and avoid using a blow dryer or any products that utilize heat such as curlers and irons. Lavender oil can add volume to your hair with continued use.

If you have time, you can also make your own lavender water and use this in rinsing your tresses every day. To do this, you need to boil some sprigs of the plant in water, simmer for around 20 minutes and cool. The combination of the oil and water will make your hair shiny, your scalp healthy and your mane smelling really good.

2. Jojoba Essential Oil. Aside from its effectiveness in supporting hair growth, the reason why this can be found in many essential oils and hair growth products, this is also known for giving moisture to the tresses. Its molecular characteristics can be likened to the oil that the glands in the scalp naturally produce. Unlike many essential oils, which need to be diluted in carrier oils before using, jojoba oil can be directly applied to the hair and scalp. Actually, this is used as a carrier oil for many essential oils and hair growth products. This kind of oil is hypoallergenic, so it won’t harm your scalp, skin and mane.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil. This can be used to grow your tresses and to delay the process of developing gray hair. This helps the scalp by improving its blood circulation. You can mix a few drops of this oil with olive oil and use the result in massaging the scalp. The leaves of rosemary can be boiled, simmered and cooled to produce water that you can use in rinsing your locks. The practice can help in retaining the natural color of your tresses. This is popularly practiced by people with black hair.

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Survival And Emergency Tips

There are few things to remember in times of emergency, and it is best if you are always prepared since you cannot tell when such emergency situation strikes you.

1. Always have a standby emergency kit. Make it available at all times with enough supplies and at least three to seven days of stocks for every member of the households. The emergency kit should at least include all the necessary items required for human survival such as can goods, water, flashlights, can opener, disposable eating utensils, battery operated radio, emergency instructional manual and a standby fully charged mobile phone with numbers of those individuals to contact in times of trouble. Include the special items indicated for your family members such as prescription medicine, feminine hygiene, diapers for small children and others. Have a standby amount of money inside your emergency kit also and be sure that you will not be using it.

2. Design a strategic plan for your premises. Orient your family members on the things to do and the things to prioritize during emergency situation. Specify the numbers of individuals your children should contact in times of emergency. Specify their numbers and places. At home, children should be instructed on how to contact this person during emergency situations. Plan another meeting location aside from your own home. This is to ensure that your plan will not be ruined because of miscommunication or failure to gather because of opposite directions. It is best if family should practice such task to prepare everyone during crisis situation.

3. The emergency kit should be prepared and stocked in a dry and cool place. Ensure that the foods are on their fresh manufacture date. If possible, avoid placing this kit in your garage due to shifts in temperature. The water should be replaced between three to six months and smoke detectors installed in your premise should be checked by a technician in a monthly basis. This is to ensure that your security alarm systems are updated in times of trouble.

4. Since today is a crisis day, it is best to ensure that your valuables are protected. List down all your expensive valuables including appliances, gadgets and jewelries. You can even take pictures for additional proof. Store any legal documents and documentation in a safe place where fire of flood cannot damage them. Such place includes your relative’s house, bank vault or time deposit box.

5. Have a tangible copy of important documents. This is most important to items like your personal identification cards such as social security card, driver’s license, tax identification card, land title, marriage contract, baptismal and birth certificates, diplomas and other legal documents which you find necessary. This is for fire protection. If something happens to your house, valuables or family members, you will not experience difficulties in the claims such as insurance and others.

6. Ensure that you and your place are ensured. There are a lot of insurances covering individuals to houses nationwide. Such insurances are available during disaster of natural calamity. Other companies offer insurance more than the worth of your properties so it is better to have one. Make sure that you are updated in terms of the payment scheme so that you can claim in times of trouble.

7. Lastly, never ever forget about your pets. They are part of your family also. Include them in the emergency precaution and action plan designed for your family. Some households give less priority to their pets than their property during crisis. Love your pets like you love your children and be kind to them.

Wanda Walker enjoys writing for Expresssafety.com.au which sells Spill kits and Tapes as well as a host of additional products.

Prepare For Home Invasions Now and For TSHTF. There are things that you can do now to prepare you home and your family against home invasions that will help …

Top Tips For Retail Survival

How to survive in retail during this current down turn, every magazine or paper you open is full of the state of the economy and how bad everything is. Likewise, there is almost a sense of glee when reporting on companies that are making drastic cuts in order to stay afloat. Some tips to reflect on – but first:

Imagine your favourite fruit tree, we will picture a plum tree (my favourite). Someone goes mad with the pruning cutter, what happens, do you get any fruit? No, and the result of these cuts, the plum tree will decline and fade away. Let’s look at the issue of pruning and make some comparisons with the current economic climate. If you cut to deeply or in the wrong places the business will fail.

There are smart ways to make cost savings, but remember to make sure any cost cuts are a team effort. You are the leader of your business, keep your staff aware of what’s going on and always maintain a postive front. Don’t make cuts that put the quality and integrity or your organisation in jeopardy.

Perks for management should be the first to go, put salary increase’s on hold, cancel all bonus payments. Lead by example and send out the message, we are all in this together.

Take a hard look at cost items. Examples are expenses (hotels etc), equipment purchase, rental cars. Travel for meetings. Stay put, cut out unnecessary travel where ever possible. Use e’mail, the telephone,conference calls as alternatives. If a meeting is vital make them smaller and plan for much shorter travelling time. Car share if at all possible.

Put a hold on staff recruitment, especially in administrative roles. If at all possible combine jobs, even if this is for a short time. Give staff incentives to double up on work as long as they can handle it. Often you will find that you really don’t need that extra person, and you will save on overhead costs.

Communicate with your staff, seek solutions from them. Ask people to come up with their own cost-cutting ideas and reward them when they do – by giving a percentage to the one that came up with the idea, or a flat reward, I have done this many times, it is very powerful and works big time.

Review staff salaries and benefits. Tread carefully here and ensure that everyone is sharing the load and be open and fair handed with all. Do not mess around with the morale of your people. Never under any circumstances cancel a celebration, special event or rewards ceremony. It costs nothing to reward employees, lift their morale, pay attention to them and ensure they feel valued.

Insist that your managers/supervisors spend time on the ‘shop floor’ with employees. Buy them a coffee, send them a note of praise. These gestures of thanks and appreciation keep employees on side and loyal during difficult times.

Consolidate – if you have multiple retail outlets, reveiw them for their overall profit contributions. In some cases, terminating leases and closure of some locations stops the avalanche of expenses. Likewise, if you have planned retail openings, put this on hold and delay the opening this will conserve cash flow and save huge amounts.

Instead of advertising, look at public relations instead. In many businesses in can actually have a better result at a fraction of the cost.

Honestly reveiw and assess your staff, are they all in the correct role for their skill base and talents? Look at ways to re-position and re-train where necessary, they are your direct link to your customers and as such a huge asset.

Convenience retail owner manager with expertise in the forecourt business and hospitality. Staff in these businesses have formed the foundation, the glue that holds the operational side of things together. They did not start off that way. There was some pruning, assessing, development and then training, the assessing never stops it is the only way to keep on target, along with recruitment of the right people.

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Coping With Survival Stress

We are all feeling the bite from the economic changes which are taking place in every phase of our lives. These changes are particularly evident when we are laying the framework for our emergency survival plans. These unexpected changes can be some of the most stressful times especially when combined with the current state of the country. Add to your discontents the government’s response to specific actions, the unemployment situation, a possible disaster or the potential death of a loved one and your life can become very devastated.

As if the current political and economical situation were not bad enough you quickly start to notice periods of mood swings from helplessness to all out anger. You may even strike out at those around you that you care about the most as a result of your frustrations. Depression may quickly over take you. You often may feel alone when trying to deal with your frustrations and anger. One simple way to deal effectively with these types of emotions is to let yourself and your family members outwardly express their pent up emotions. Do even suggest that someone “snap out” of their mood as this tends to deny the seriousness of the persons feelings.

An emergency may force you to make rapid changes within your life which drastically disrupts and alters your usual routines. This is the greatest cause of stress in most individuals.

Being unemployed and feeling unable to properly prepare for any sort of emergency also provides a means of stress. During these times your stress is being felt by all your family members as well. In this case it remains vital that you communicate with and fully support each other. Naturally, some responsibilities and usual roles will need to be modified until things get back to normal again. If you as a family can adequately meet the challenges that are being set before you then your chances of survival will be increased greatly.

One of the first rules established in Special Forces training is in order to cope with your current situation you should keep your body in a healthy condition. Eat wholesome and balanced meals, try to obtain plenty of sleep and above all perform some sort of exercise on a regular basis. This process allows you to take a break from your surrounding stressful situation. Other approaches include:

• Take a vigorous walk around the block.
• Watch a video or a movie.
• Take a long shower or a bath
• Listen to your favorite music.
• Do some gardening or yard work.

Stress often can bring about certain symptoms that affect the body. These symptoms are dry mouth and throat, headaches, hot feeling, dizziness, grinding your teeth, loss of appetite, tightness of your neck or shoulders, increased heartbeat, heartburn and cold sweats. These are normal but if they fail to go away you should plan on seeking professional assistance.


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Thriving During Tough Times – Survival Tip #2 – Take Action to Deal With Fear and Create More Option

When crisis or tough times hit, it is easy to give up on your dreams and get caught up in paralyzing fear.  We all deal with fear from time to time.  During crisis and tough times, fear is just intensified.  We need to be prepared to acknowledge the fear and show courage.  After all, courage is taking positive action in the face of fear, it is not taking action in the absence of fear!

Focusing on growth and positive action takes no more energy than worrying about the uncertainty and unknown.  However, it does have many other positive psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial benefits, unlike worry and fear.

So, what kind of dramatic growth and positive action is most beneficial during tough times?  Well, dramatic growth and positive action directed at a top down look at your business, profession, and personal life is very valuable during tough times.  You can not assume that anything is going to move you forward during tough times.  You must assess and evaluate all aspects of your life to determine if and what will create the right results during these tough times.

“I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.”

– Abraham Lincoln

In your business life, get back to the basics.  Assess and evaluate all your expenses and investments.  Are they targeted in the right areas and at the right audiences?  Do you have the right value proposition for your current clients and new prospects/leads?  Is your business model resilient and will it be going forward?  How do you alter your business and your business model to adapt to the shifts in spending in the marketplace?  What weekly disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions are the most important to focus on during these tough times?

In your professional life, get back to the basics.  Assume that you must find new ways to be valuable to your organization.  Assess and evaluate your strengths and past contributions and look for new ways to apply them during tough times.  Eliminate activities that bring little value in your current role.  Implement a weekly professional development plan the focuses on the right disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions!  Evaluate each week and take bold action in at least one area to move forward.  Assess, adjust, and look for new opportunities and options!

In your personal life, get back to the basics.  Assume the past family and personal operational models are antiqued.  Look at how you currently generate income and assess and evaluate the contribution of those roles in this new economy.  Don’t bank on any given job or role for a secure future income.  Look for ways to build on your past successes and current strengths to make better contributions to your employer and the marketplace.  Seek ways to diversify your income and find new streams of income.  Look at each and every expense on a weekly and monthly basis.  Find ways to reduce each line item expense while maintaining or improving your ability to function and the quality of your life.  Implement a weekly personal development plan the focuses on the right disciplines, dialogues, discoveries, and decisions!

Most importantly, acknowledge the fear you are feeling.  Step through that fear into the courageous zone.  Look for one way to take dramatic action today, or this week, to deal with your fear and create more options.  Re-evaluate each day or week and repeat.  Within a few days or weeks, you will see new opportunities and options to move forward!

About the Author:
Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D., The Champion’s Coach, is a Gazelles Certified Coach who helps individuals and companies produce champion results and build champion relationships. Access Jon’s FREE 21-page e-Book on “The 8 Steps to Thriving during Tough Times” and other valuable resources at http://www.ThrivingduringToughTimes.com

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Surviving the Holiday Aftermath

 We all know the holiday season is a busy time of the year.  After all of the planning, the preparation, the travel and the activities, we are worn out when the celebrating is done.  I want to give you a few tips to help you undo the holiday chaos so you can have a smooth transition to 2012. 

 Storing the Decorations — Keeping your holiday items neat, tidy and organized saves you time and energy when the season rolls around again.  Use sturdy plastic bins which you can find at the local hardware and home improvement stores.  Perfect for decorations, greenery and lights.  To avoid the Griswold-style knot, roll a section of newspaper into a cylinder and wrap the lights around.  Start with the male end, keeping it accessible to test the strand next year. Look for specialized boxes for ornaments that are tiered and sectioned.  I use coffee filters to protect breakable or glittered ornaments.  Don’t forget to label!
Taking Down the Tree — For a fresh tree, get a plastic tarp or an old sheet.  With someone’s help, remove the tree from its stand and lay it down on the tarp or sheet.  Wrap the material around the tree carry/drag the tree outside.  This will minimize the messy needle drop and sap transfer.  For tree removal dates and information, go to www.LessIsMore.org (a great SB recycling resource), click on the “Yard Waste” tab and scroll down to “Christmas Trees” and you’ll find all the information you need for pickup or disposal.  If you have an artificial tree, you can purchase heavy duty storage bags to accommodate the tree’s sections. 
Disposing Gift and Shipping Boxes — Usually both of these types of boxes are cluttering up your home and storage spaces after the holidays.  Yes, it’s great to reuse them, but we don’t always have a place to store them.  You can bring shipping and packaging materials that are in reusable condition to local shipping businesses (boxes broken down, peanuts bagged).  If boxes are torn or destroyed, stop by one of the recycling outposts at:
 *South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station—4430 Calle Real
MarBorg Industries —119 North Quarantina Street
MarBorg Industries’ Recycling / ABOP Center—725 Cacique Street

*If you don’t live in Santa Barbara, do an internet search for cardboard recycling and Christmas tree disposal in your city.

 Making Space – With the holidays, I’m sure you and your family are bringing some new goodies into your home so create some space by getting rid of the old.  Don’t overwhelm yourself and think you need to do an organizing overhaul just yet (unless you really need one!), but take away the old and unused toys, the games no one plays, the movies no one watches, the clothes you never wear.  Go for a 1:1 ratio – one new sweater in the closet, one sweater out.  And there are many local charities that would be more than happy to take those items off your hands.
Say, “Thank You!” – Remember when your mom would make you sit there and right thank you notes?  It’s a habit that has become less and less popular over the years with our busy schedules and reliance on email, but this year, take the time to show people your gratitude.  In writing.  Yes; actually hand-written.  Thank people for gifts, for opening up their homes, for giving their time or just tell them how nice it was to talk or reconnect.  Buy the cards and stamps early and set a goal of “x” per day so they are all sent by January 10th.  You can even pre-address one the evening of a party so you can write the hostess the next morning. Another idea is to reuse sections of wrapping paper or gift bags.  Cut out a piece, fold it in half, pop it in an envelope and voila!, instant, personalized and green thank you notes.

I wish you a very happy and organized holiday season!

Keri Dickerson is a professional organizer and owner of KMD Organizing, working with busy women in the Santa Barbara area.  www.kmdorganizing.com

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Build Up Survival Games

Within this Rebuild show you are you ready for differences somewhere between the particular survivors, how many of each survivor you need to have, the best ways to recruit a lot more survivors,

Intended for those of you exactly who didn’t know, Rebuild is definitely remarkable game, focused all-around strategy and also defense. You happen to be the leader commanding a community of survivors in the zombie apocalypse. Your own goal would be to expand your own territory, secure beneficial buildings, investigation technology, and also recruit a lot more survivors, even though defending by yourself against any horde of zombies. To get more info see the main Rebuild guideline link below. This specific unique Rebuild Guide will certainly protect the survivors.

Rebuild Guide: Survivors

Leader- Your own leader could be the most effective at recruiting some other survivors which has a 100% recruitment rate. Your current leader could be the crucial person within your group due to the fact without having recruiting additional survivors, you can never be able to pull through. You undoubtedly really need about 1 leader nonetheless it is way better to have 2 in case 1 dies throughout a not known event

Soldier- Your own soldier could be the very best at fighting zombies and also defending the particular fort. They will substantially reduce the chance of successful zombie attack; usually 5X just how much every other type of survivors do and also ordinarily have a very -10% of real danger when compared with other survivors even though clearing out there zombies. There’s no limit as to just how many of these guys you need to have got because they are crucial to survival within this game.

Builder- Rebuilds and also consolidates buildings faster through 1 day per builder. You desire about three from the guys.

Scavengers- Excel in scouting and also scavenging. Simply actually useful from the early online game wherever scouting is significant to look for wherever you need to expand too, and also scavenging is significant due to the fact you cannot have got a lot of farms. Replace these folks to troops in the school.

Scientists- Research technology faster. Reduces the particular technologies research through 1 day for each scientist. Not necessarily very helpful mainly because which is almost all they are doing very well.

Regular Survivors- Do almost nothing exceptionally effectively, utilize the school in order to change all of them to soldiers or maybe whatsoever other survivor you require.

Recruiting survivors is actually complicated and not difficult. Easily locate all of them, with all the scout option and also click the recruit survivor button. It ordinarily tales two days which is not invariably successful, nonetheless whether a leader carries a 100% recruitment rate, and so if at all possible send him.

It is very important to note of which before you recruit virtually any survivors, to be sure you may support all of them with food and housing. You do not would like to waste both equally potential survivors and also the time recruiting all of them to lose all of them to starvation. This is actually the end on this Rebuild Guide.  Still can’t get enough games try this escape games and the scary games here.

Want more fun and a great entertainment try visit our game site for more games to play.

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Gerber Multi Tool Kit for Survival

Want to carry a Swiss Army knife, pliers, cutters or maybe a screwdriver without bringing a toolbox? Gerber tools can give you this.

Multi tools have come a long way from the Swiss Army days. Even though they are still great tools to have, there are much more types to pick from. Gerber multi toolkits include an array of tools that allow you to complete a number of different projects without the need to use a separate tool each time. The kits contain a range of items, from drills and drivers to pliers and saw.

Whether you’re replacing an old cabinet hardware or making a new table, tool sets are essential for any builder or builder-wannabe. A set of Gerber tools will allow you to finish your projects more quickly and easily.

Home improvement projects don’t always require the same tools that’s why it is essential to pick a power tool kit that matches your needs. Some simple drill sets will provide you only with what you need to drill into walls, wood or often even concrete. For more complex projects, you might require a larger set consisting of items like a saw, grinder and cutters.

Understand that not all multi tool kits are the same. A tool kit is only helpful if it offers the ones you’re looking for most often. One of these is screwdrivers. While many people have to have a variety of this tool, one medium-sized Phillips head screwdriver and one 1 medium-sized flat head screwdriver could do the trick for some. The difference lies between the grip. It needs to be tight yet comfortable. A good grip should provide maximum torque with the least pressure.

Another must-have for a multi-tool kit is the hammer. Again, size is not that important. Get one which can be easily swung. Because wood shrinks over time, one comprised completely of metal is definitely the best option.

Adjustable pliers are also useful. They’re able to assist you with plumbing repairs, and adjusting nuts and bolts. Small-size pliers are fine, however, stick with the medium range, just like for the screwdrivers.

For a variety of reasons, a scissor and an electrical tape includes the list. It’ll come in handy during some small tasks.

There are other home essentials which make the cut. Here is, however, a list of
Gerber tools found in their power tool kit:

-Needle nose Pliers

-Regular Pliers

-Wire Cutters

-Hard-Wire Cutters

-Clip-Point Knife

-Serrated Knife

-Diamond-Coated File

-Wood Saw

-Extra Small Screwdriver

-Small Screwdriver

-Medium Screwdriver

-Large Screwdriver

-Phillips Screwdriver

-Can / Bottle Opener

-Wire Stripper, and a

-Lanyard Attachment

Having a multi tool is crucial, not just in a survival situation but also for home remedies.  The best multi tools are the type you will not regret spending extra money on. Just learn to maintain your multi tools correctly since improper uses can damage it permanently.


Aloisia Cookie is a do-it-yourself dude and has asked about gerber tools and gerber multi tool kit.

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Bank Exam preparation

Now a days, Banks whether government or private recruitments are increasing day by day. These jobs are giving the opportunities to the forthcoming aspirant to acquire a secure and satisfactory job. In this sector jobs are among the hot favorite. For getting job in the bank sector one should have to pass a written examination. The Bank PO and clerk exam is so common for bank job.
A candidate must have to practice hard for the bank exams and he/she should also be prepared for the further procedures such like interviews or Group Discussion. The competition is so hard-hitting and it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to crack it or hard to gain good score for the job. Continues practice and proper timing schedule is needed for it. For practice you can go through the previous year sample papers and various mock papers too keep you update about the pattern of exam. Basically the exam includes the questions from the subjects of General awareness, Mathematical question, Aptitude and Reasoning tes

If you are going to appear for the bank exam then make you must kept in mind for the following points:

1) Check out Time Given.

2) Do not guess until you are sure.

3) Practice is the key to success.

4) Do not Mark answers thoughtlessly.

5) Keep your answers Accurate and don’t overwrite frequently.

6) Select Your Strong Field as Well as Weak Field in the Exam.

7) Negative Marking.

The time duration that is given to candidates for solving the bank exam paper is limited and you must be quick in mind to solve the exam paper within the minimum time. After reading a question before solving it just view the options that are given which give the idea that you have to mark.

There are various study materials for the students that are provided by many different training centers and you can also get the online help or resources for the preparations of your bank exams. Try to solve the full question paper in minimum time duration. You can practice for it by practicing wisely to solve the sample paper with keeping a stop watch or an alarm clock with you, so you can be prepared best for your bank exam. It is a common practice to crack any exam. As stated before the proper time schedule is also needed for getting success, so keep the proper timings for all the activities such like study time and mind refreshing time (or playing time) should be maintained.

For More Information You Can check the Upcoming Bank Exams 2011 Portal having Latest 2011 Bank Exam Updates and Notification with Information about Top Engineering Colleges in India .

The Survival Of The Record Store

With today’s world of digital music, many record stores are struggling to stay open.  Although real music lovers romanticize about the record store, finding and downloading music on the internet makes everything so easy.  Neighborhood record store owners stay alive today with the help of a small group of music buyers who are looking for a sense of community and culture.  For any record store to survive today, they cannot just sell music.  Many must hold events and shows, and sell books, movies and other relatable items.  If these shops are ever going to compete with the online music stores, they are going to have to come up with a more focused plan.

The first six months of the year saw a rise in vinyl music sales, which is an increase from 2010.  This increase still may not be enough to keep brick and mortar locations alive.  After chains like Virgin and Tower Records closed, many small record shops began to shut down as well.  Music fans are usually the people who open neighborhood record shops regardless of numbers.  Independent record store owners are not usually in it for the money.  They do it for themselves and their small core group of consumers.  They like being able to sell something unique to someone unique.

The increase in vinyl sales probably wont make a big change to the industry.  Vinyl is still a totally small fraction of the market.  The best bet for most record shops is to sell vintage and hard to find vinyl records.  Serious vinyl collectors keep the industry going by paying top dollar for antique albums.  An LP like a Beatles vinyl will sell for thousands of dollars.  Any small record shop would be wise to get in on trading and collecting.  Collectors are typically willing to pay more than anyone else.

Discovering a niche tends to be the wisest road to success for small shops.  The right location will also be very valuable.  Neighborhood record locations find most success by being located near universities, or in big cities. Successful stores are carefully curated with new and old merchandise.  Many new musicians are now releasing records on digital and vinyl.  This is a good way to bring in younger customers.  By providing people with records they won’t be able to get at a Best Buy or Target, you can get a whole new group of customers who will look to you for independent releases and become loyal customers.

This isn’t the end for record stores; with events like Record Store Day and getting involved with the local community, owners are discovering ways to keep their businesses going.  Record store owners will always find customers in music aficionados who want more of an experience.

SoundStage Direct, LLC is an online independent store based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. SSD has the largest selection of vinyl records online. And you don’t want to miss amazing closeout deals available at our LP outlet! We have record albums in every genre and in a variety of formats available ready to be shipped at your doorstep.

Your Holidays Survival Guide

It is the time of season again, the traffic, the stress, the parties and family dinners. The holidays, for all the joy that they offer, come with the excess baggage of dread that goes with the days leading up to them. Often there are travel arrangements and plans to be made, scheduling conflicts and that is just dealing with family. There are holiday parties with friends and the business parties you need to represent a brave face to your employers and fellow co-corkers. Maybe you are hosting a party or family dinner; that makes it even more complex.

Everything should be just so in order to impress your guests and make them feel welcome on these special days. Did we forget the shopping? That is a whole other depth of dread complete with traffic jams, long lines and harried hotfooting. It is all enough to make a person go mad. But it is the season to be jolly, no? The most difficult thing for some people to do during the holidays is to actually enjoy them while they are on-going. All of the hoopla seems to engulf some to point of absolute breakdowns. It is important to make sure you give yourself time to settle down and take time to reflect. For instance, rather than go traipsing around from store to store by yourself, make a date of it with friends, with dinner or drinks involved afterward.

You would be surprised what good company can do to change a partly dreadful experience. Keep your schedule as loose as possible. The year is 365 days long, that doesn’t change. You still have to go to work or take care of your home as well as be present for your family or loved ones. Don’t over schedule, under schedule, stay flexible. You don’t have to commit to every single engagement. Remember it more vital to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else.

Hope you have fun on your next adventure!

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Surprisingly, beautiful lawns are made and not born.  Taking proper steps while in the seeding phase can prevent weed-based issues all year long.  This means paying special incorporation of a range of the characteristics that determine growing rate and staying power.  Know when the weed grows to help you prevent it.

Cool-season weeds are likely to grow and flourish throughout the fall and wintertime in the southern fields of the United States while sowing grass seed is likely to go dormant.  Weeds fight to stay at the image of your grass.  As far as the weeds are concerned, they do not know you don’t want them in your lawn, so it’s best to prevent them from growing in the first place.

There are varieties of weeds:

Grassy weeds:  These appear like grass, they are true grasses, and however they are considered invasive weeds once they happen in the lawn.  Isn’t Bermuda grass a weed?  Bermuda grass seed is cheaper and more economical.  It can handle drought, can tolerate high levels of foot traffic, can recover well from damage, can adopt with a number of soil conditions.  Is it possible finding other grass seeds that grow tough of that sort?  You shouldn’t consider Bermuda grass as a weed.

Sedge weeds:  Sedge weeds also look as well as grow like grass, however, these would be not grasses, but sedges.  Sedges have solid un-jointed stems and therefore are usually discovered marshes and bogs.

Broadleaf Weeds:  These would be the biggest common place structure of weed discovered from gardens.  There are a few broad weed leaves that could be similar to buffalo grass or turf grass.  Therefore, if you are planning to sow buffalo grass seeds or turf grass seeds, watch out for these types of weeds.

After identifying those types of weeds plus your types of grass, preventing and eradicating them is the next step.

Fertilizing and applying pre-emergence might be crucial in your efforts to cope with weeds.  Results won’t come over night, so wait and see.  Understanding the best opportunity to use fertilizer is crucial in preventing weeds.

Mowing lawn regularly can help prevent weed growth.  When weeds are present, it is a good idea to bag your clippings so you can prevent them from spreading throughout the lawn.

Weeding is really a dreadful task, especially on the subject of pulling weeds that came from the ground.  They key thing to remember when pulling weeds coming from the ground to be sure you pull not just the weed, but including its roots.

Herbicides are becoming like more of active offer in varieties.  Some herbicides are actually formulated to kill certain weeds while killing your grass, too.  Just make sure to read labels clearly before using.

Reseeding of warm-Season grass often go dormant during the winter season, you may wish to consider reseeding your lawn with another cool-season grass seed to keep lawn looking green all year-round and crowd out cool-season weeds as part of your lawn.

Remember, weeds are battling with your grasses.  Weeds do not know that you don’t want them in your lawn, so it’s better to prevent them from growing.

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