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Top Three Essential Oils and Hair Loss Solutions

You have heard a lot about essential oils and hair loss. For years now, you have been trying to desperately grow your tresses, but it may already be due to your genes why your mane takes a long time to regrow. You have tried a lot of products and treatments, but the results were superficial. You want something that will last and produce a great effect, hence you are serious in finding out more about essential oils and hair growth.

First and foremost, do not confuse mineral oils and essential oils. There are a lot of hair care products that contain mineral oils, which are synthetic elements that act as preservatives. Mineral oils are derived from petroleum sources. These can clog the pores of your skin, making it hard for your skin to get rid of toxins. As a result, you will not see tremendous effects in terms of hair growth and the products may also have negative effects on your tresses and skin in the long run.

Switch to Essential Oils and Hair Growth Products

It is best that you try out the oils and hair growth products first before continuing with its use. This way, you can test if you are allergic to any of these natural oils and also to find out which one will work best for the type of tresses that you have.

To help you decide which products to use, here’s a list of the top essential oils that are beneficial for your mane.

1. Lavender Essential Oil. This is typically grown in places with temperate climates. The oil was used by ancient practitioners in treating and preventing baldness, as well as in growing the tresses. This is effective because of its antibacterial elements that can help in treating scalp problems. When it reaches the hair shaft, the oil works its wonders in getting rid of dandruff and in eliminating the dryness of the skin.

You can use the infused oil in massaging your head and scalp nightly. Its scent has a calming effect, which can help you sleep soundly. When you wake up in the morning, use an organic shampoo in washing your locks. Towel dry your hair before styling and avoid using a blow dryer or any products that utilize heat such as curlers and irons. Lavender oil can add volume to your hair with continued use.

If you have time, you can also make your own lavender water and use this in rinsing your tresses every day. To do this, you need to boil some sprigs of the plant in water, simmer for around 20 minutes and cool. The combination of the oil and water will make your hair shiny, your scalp healthy and your mane smelling really good.

2. Jojoba Essential Oil. Aside from its effectiveness in supporting hair growth, the reason why this can be found in many essential oils and hair growth products, this is also known for giving moisture to the tresses. Its molecular characteristics can be likened to the oil that the glands in the scalp naturally produce. Unlike many essential oils, which need to be diluted in carrier oils before using, jojoba oil can be directly applied to the hair and scalp. Actually, this is used as a carrier oil for many essential oils and hair growth products. This kind of oil is hypoallergenic, so it won’t harm your scalp, skin and mane.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil. This can be used to grow your tresses and to delay the process of developing gray hair. This helps the scalp by improving its blood circulation. You can mix a few drops of this oil with olive oil and use the result in massaging the scalp. The leaves of rosemary can be boiled, simmered and cooled to produce water that you can use in rinsing your locks. The practice can help in retaining the natural color of your tresses. This is popularly practiced by people with black hair.

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Survival And Emergency Tips

There are few things to remember in times of emergency, and it is best if you are always prepared since you cannot tell when such emergency situation strikes you.

1. Always have a standby emergency kit. Make it available at all times with enough supplies and at least three to seven days of stocks for every member of the households. The emergency kit should at least include all the necessary items required for human survival such as can goods, water, flashlights, can opener, disposable eating utensils, battery operated radio, emergency instructional manual and a standby fully charged mobile phone with numbers of those individuals to contact in times of trouble. Include the special items indicated for your family members such as prescription medicine, feminine hygiene, diapers for small children and others. Have a standby amount of money inside your emergency kit also and be sure that you will not be using it.

2. Design a strategic plan for your premises. Orient your family members on the things to do and the things to prioritize during emergency situation. Specify the numbers of individuals your children should contact in times of emergency. Specify their numbers and places. At home, children should be instructed on how to contact this person during emergency situations. Plan another meeting location aside from your own home. This is to ensure that your plan will not be ruined because of miscommunication or failure to gather because of opposite directions. It is best if family should practice such task to prepare everyone during crisis situation.

3. The emergency kit should be prepared and stocked in a dry and cool place. Ensure that the foods are on their fresh manufacture date. If possible, avoid placing this kit in your garage due to shifts in temperature. The water should be replaced between three to six months and smoke detectors installed in your premise should be checked by a technician in a monthly basis. This is to ensure that your security alarm systems are updated in times of trouble.

4. Since today is a crisis day, it is best to ensure that your valuables are protected. List down all your expensive valuables including appliances, gadgets and jewelries. You can even take pictures for additional proof. Store any legal documents and documentation in a safe place where fire of flood cannot damage them. Such place includes your relative’s house, bank vault or time deposit box.

5. Have a tangible copy of important documents. This is most important to items like your personal identification cards such as social security card, driver’s license, tax identification card, land title, marriage contract, baptismal and birth certificates, diplomas and other legal documents which you find necessary. This is for fire protection. If something happens to your house, valuables or family members, you will not experience difficulties in the claims such as insurance and others.

6. Ensure that you and your place are ensured. There are a lot of insurances covering individuals to houses nationwide. Such insurances are available during disaster of natural calamity. Other companies offer insurance more than the worth of your properties so it is better to have one. Make sure that you are updated in terms of the payment scheme so that you can claim in times of trouble.

7. Lastly, never ever forget about your pets. They are part of your family also. Include them in the emergency precaution and action plan designed for your family. Some households give less priority to their pets than their property during crisis. Love your pets like you love your children and be kind to them.

Wanda Walker enjoys writing for Expresssafety.com.au which sells Spill kits and Tapes as well as a host of additional products.

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Be Prepared With Your Own Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

When it comes to being prepared for emergencies many people fall far short of the expert recommendations. Unfortunately, there are all types of emergencies that can occur. From hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters to man-made disasters such as an economic collapse, toxic spills, terrorist activities and more. Regardless of the particular type of emergency, planning ahead and having the necessary supplies to make it through the first several days of the crisis is extremely important.

Of course, the type of preparations you do will certainly depend on what kinds of emergencies you are likely to face. In some parts of the country, hurricanes are a risk; however, other areas might be facing the possibility of earthquakes or flooding. However, there are some emergencies that are universal and pose a risk for everyone, regardless of where they are located. Taking precautions and planning ahead is the best way to ensure the safety of you and your family, especially when help might be several days away. Remember, when a disaster occurs, it can take several days before utilities are restored or emergency personnel are able to reach your home.

When planning for any type of emergency, whether it is a zombie apocalypse or other disaster, it is important to evaluate what kinds of supplies you will need. You will certainly want to include food and water in your emergency zombie apocalypse survival kit; however, other important items will include a battery or hand-crank emergency radio, matches, a flashlight with extra batteries, plastic bags, duct tape, plastic sheeting and a first aid kit.

While you can certainly purchase a pre-assembled first aid kit, many people prefer to make their own. You can easily make your own first aid kit by simply using a small backpack, plastic tub or other container to hold your supplies. First aid kits can be very basic or they can be extremely elaborate and capable of handling a wide range of medical emergencies. The things you include in your kit will depend on your medical training and expertise. For a basic first aid kit be sure to include an assortment of bandages and gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, pain relief medication, adhesive tape, and a first aid manual.

Many people have a small bug-out bag or emergency bag that they keep in their vehicle. This smaller emergency kit can also be used when you need to leave home in a hurry. Whether you are heading to a local shelter or you are evacuating the area, having your emergency provisions ready to go can mean being prepared regardless of the circumstances.

RamboMoe regularly writes for his blog, www.preparedforthat.com.

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Prepare For A Disaster Now Or Later?

Preparing for any kind of disaster beforehand is important; however, many people do not prepare for natural disasters because they do not think about the dangerous possibilities until after something has occurred. Since any emergency that happens will most likely require the same level of preparedness and the same items, preparing for one will suffice for all of the others. These emergencies include all kinds of natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, and different versions of the apocalypse. To get through any of those scenarios all anyone will need is a survival kit, a plan, and maybe some extra skills.

There are emergency kits for every situation and that includes a zombie apocalypse survival kit. There is no need for these different emergency kits, however, because they are often quite similar to the wilderness survival kits. Only one kind of kit is required because they often have the same things inside. After purchasing a survival kit, devising a plan comes next. There needs to be a plan for every situation, but more importantly one universal plan to use for every kind of emergency. That plan should include where everyone will go, and how to get in touch with each other should a separation occur. Also, consider learning the skills needed to survive without a kit. Having everything in place will give peace of mind and create less pandemonium.

When something happens, many people tend to panic because they never prepared for the emergency. After the event, most will then begin to prepare for the next time. Not very many emergencies occur within every individual’s lifetime and unless their job relates to helping others, they may only have one or two major disasters happen to them directly over the course of their life. For that reason alone, it is important to know what to do and what items are available ahead of time instead of waiting until after a frightening event has happened.

More importantly, purchasing a zombie apocalypse survival kit and a wilderness survival kit is just a waste of money. Those kits will have the same items but different prices. Nonetheless, being prepared requires more than just an emergency kit.  A plan can be far more imperative, as well as understanding how to survive without a kit, than the kit itself depending on the situation. Being prepared for any emergency, a natural disaster, and an epidemic scenario should be common sense.

RamboMoe regurlary writes at his blog, preparedforthat.com

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Developing Survival Skills And Physical Fitness

There are many different things you are told to do to prepare for disaster. However, the two more important things to do are develop survival skills and become physically fit.

There are many things that could cause disasters that would require previous forethought and preparation in order to survive. These things could include natural disasters, loss of employment, inability to work due to health or injury, manmade disasters, or war.

Most Americans know that they need to store food, clothing, and so forth in order to be prepared to survive these things. Unfortunately, most Americans are not stocking up on these things.

However, despite the many warnings of what could happen, two major things are overlooked when it comes to surviving. The first thing that is often overlooked is the need to develop a variety of skills that can be used for survival.

While you may have a fishing rod or rifle for emergencies, if you never use it, it may be difficult to learn how when the need to use it arises. You may have a lot of wheat stored, but if you do not have a grinder and several recipes that you can prepare using the wheat, the wheat will be completely useless.

At the very least you should have the tools and knowledge to make a fire, hunt, carve, build a shelter, and navigate the land using various instruments such as the stars. Other modern skills that you should also develop include basic plumbing repairs, basic electrical wiring, basic auto repair, basic small engine repair, basic woodworking, basic welding, cooking on a variety of heat sources, sewing, fishing, dehydrating food, canning, gardening, how to purify water, foraging, self-defense, and first aid.

There are probably several hundred other skills that you would find useful to have in a survival situation as well. It can be helpful to store at least several books on survival skills in your home.

This way if you are caught off guard, you will be able to look up how to do some of these things. Fiction books will only save your life if you are about to die of hypothermia and you can make a fire out of them.

The second thing that is often overlooked when it comes to survival is physical fitness. Even though fat can be very helpful in a survival situation and that is considered to be survival muscle, it can also hinder your ability to survive.

Fat storages would be critical in a low-food scenario and it could perhaps mean that you would survive while those in shape would die sooner. However, fat could also hinder your ability to move quickly and stealthily when trying to hunt down food.

In addition, being overweight usually indicates that your body is unhealthy in other ways. These things may come to get you when you do not have access to a hospital or other medical assistance, which would mean your death.

Survival situations are not easy. They are hard on the entire body.

That is why they are referred to as survival, and not live in luxury and ease situations. Even if you have prepared in every other way by gathering a food supply and developing skills, these things will not help you survive a stroke or other serious illness related to obesity.

By taking care of your body you are preserving your life. As you exercise, you will begin to use the calories you eat more efficiently.

You will also have more control over your body temperature. In addition, exercise stimulates the immune system which will help prevent infection and illness.

Overall, being in shape allows you to do more. You will be able to hunt, have better endurance if you must travel, perform many other outdoor survival activities.

If you are able to cultivate both better physical fitness and more survival skills you will be far more prepared to survive than the person who has the latest set of food storage. In addition, these things do not cost very much to obtain as food storage does.

There are many sources of information. Look on the internet, check out books from the library, or attend survival skill activities.

With these two things you will need less gear and you will be able to move further and faster. In addition, you will be able to accomplish more when you are stationary.

Even though your focus is on these survival skills, you do not want to completely forget about food storage. Food storage can be a tremendous help to you in certain situations.

For example, during the winter you may not be able to forage. However, by developing skills, becoming physically fit, and creating a food storage you will be much more prepared to deal with whatever disaster comes.

Jack R. Landry is an accomplished expert in family preparedness and has been giving seminars for over 15 years. He recommends that everyone have on hand an emergency food storage in case of any emergency or disaster.

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Jack R. Landry


How To Store Essentials For Long Term Survival

Some people say the there should be enough storage to last for seven days. However, the way things are after a hurricane, tornado, floods, loss of electricity or other disasters, one week is just not enough. It should at least be for a month just like a 3PL facility to store their inventory or a Los Angeles contract warehouse. They follow the policy of first in and first out. Likewise, the older stocked goods should be used first and then replace them with new one.

As people are moving towards urban living and grocery shopping becoming a norm, food storage fell by the wayside for many. These are real uncertain times of potential crises, food shortages and political unrest becomes more real, many need to store food and other essential necessities for times of emergency. Here’s how to you can store food for longer duration.

* Make a pantry list as to what items need to be included in your food storage. This will also include the considerations like what you already have in store and what more is needed. Make and update your list accordingly from time to time.

* After consulting the pantry list, you will make a shopping list mentioning all that you need to purchase. Find out pricing and availability of a particular product and list the options for best sources available.

* Apart from food items you will need storage items like container for long-term storage. Bucket like containers are used to store bulk food in the form of grains.

* As you shop, do compare the prices on the way. This may call for changes on your shopping list.

* Do not forget to buy a variety of food stuff as you are piling up your emergency food storage. For instance, if your budget is $ 100 per month, try splitting it in various forms, rather than just buying salt one month and sugar the next. Some people usually need to replenish their supplies sooner than expected. In such case you will need a little of everything to in your pantry.

* Get hold of suitable cans to store water as you just cannot do without this necessity. Store, at least 14 gallons of water for one adult. This amount can last for two weeks. After that rotate this water storage as it can only last for 6-12 months. In case you possess a well with a hand pump, you do not have to store water. Whereas, those dependent on town water system need to store water. Anyhow, just make sure you have a heavy-duty water filter and some spare filters.

* Besides pulses and other grains also buy 75 lbs. of legumes and beans per adult. In this category you will like kidney beans, lentils, navy beans, split peas along with other varieties according to your taste.

* As per your taste habits and requirements, you can also stock up frozen beef, chicken and fish. The best art is they can also be stored in dehydrated or canned forms.

* Perhaps, you will also want to keep a stock of goodies in your pantry. In which case you can buy dry fruits, nuts, chocolate, coffee, and others.

Stewart Wrighter recently stored the overstock from his store in a Los Angeles contract warehouse. He uses a Los Angeles 3PL warehouse to package his seasonal merchandise and ship it to his vendors.

The Importance of Learning the Exact Wilderness Survival Skills

Whenever you plan to have an outdoor adventure, it is important to learn the exact wilderness survival skills beforehand. The most crucial tactic to survive is to be ready all the time. Learning these important skills will not just allow you to enjoy the outdoor adventure, but you also protect yourself correctly. As expected, there are certain factors to consider in making your outdoor survival a successful one.

Creating your shelter on the exact location is very crucial. It is best to consider things like dry area, visibility to other people and firewood in case you are not familiar with the place. You need to position the shelter on an area that can provide the necessary things, which include some potential food items to eat. To make you and your companions feel comfortable, be sure to build the shelter protected from the wind.  

It is also important to guarantee that when you plan to build a fire, look for a safer place to setup and get all the important materials you need. Start by using small pieces of timbers and gradually include bigger woods as the fire grow slowly. If the place is secure from stronger wind, this means you are safe from undesirable flying debris that can trigger fire within the place.

Another top priority on the wilderness survival lists is water. It is important to keep your body hydrated because huge percentage of the body is made of water. You need to drink water always to avoid dehydration and if possible, bring some veggies and fruits to help you sustain your energy also. Furthermore, you need to determine the commonest indications of dehydration that include tiredness, frequent thirst, loss appetite and anxiety. You must learn to prevent these symptoms early rather than when they start to bother you.

Of course, when we talk about survival, food is very important. Majority of the forests and mountains are complete with natural resources, which include foods. You need to consider potential plants that can offer you enough protein and exact amount of carbohydrates and fats. This is necessary in keeping your immune system strong against insects. Definitely, you will not have a tough time dealing with this particular issue if you know what plants to harvest while on your outdoor adventure.  

Lastly, you need to have enough knowledge about the basic survival first aid methods. These methods are imperative in saving your life and the lives of other individuals. Do not try to attempt going to an outdoor adventure without getting enough skills about the exact first aid solutions. Keep in mind that the situations you will experience relies much on your skills in dealing with different issues out there.

In most cases, it is always important to have survival humor to make sure you have the right presence of mind. The importance of building the exact tarp shelters is also an imperative consideration.

In this video and article I demonstrate a technique for building a fire structure that will burn continuously and does not require ANY managing. This is a gr…
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Be Prepared For The Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can strike anywhere and at any time, so it is very necessary to have a good wise plan and be prepared for the same. Recently we are hearing lots of events are happening across the world including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, earthquakes in New Zealand and Haiti, Hurricane Katrina in United States. All these events have made us more hyper-aware of how suddenly our comfortable lives can be distressed.

It may seem overwhelming but there are few online resources for moms available that provide tips, advice and ideas which can be implemented for your family.

It is very important to involve your kids early in discussion and planning. This can go long way in relieving their concern over potential disaster and forces family to discuss their plans. Preparing your family and planning accordingly is a must for facing disasters. NPRs Talk of the Nation broadcast, is a good parenting resource for moms and family where a panel of experts shares their opinions about disaster preparedness and the most effective ways to prepare for disaster. It is actually an audio recording of the broadcast but it also includes a written transcription. In their discussion they talk about community readiness and how that communities can prepare best for the worst.

The best online resource for moms to plan and prepare for natural disasters happening is FEMA. In FEMA, moms can read lots of articles which are mainly based on various natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane and more, disasters because of terrorism, etc. Tips and ideas in it include planning, assembling supplies, seeking shelter and also getting your kids involved at the FEMA kids website.

Another good online parenting resource for moms is the easy to use website 72Hours.org which is prepared by the city of San Francisco. This website has clickable buttons which allows you to work through various categories, such as planning with your family and children, building a go bag and how to deal with pets. One of the most useful resources available in this website is a printable PDF that you can also use to map your neighborhood contact list with numbers as well as relevant skills each person has.

One other good website for the same purpose is disaster-resource.com where you can find different plans according to the categories. Also it has various articles based on the same which provide helpful tips and guidelines for facing the natural disasters.

Once it is being decided that how to plan and what things are needed, it is time preparing for your emergency kit. There are also many websites that are actually selling prepared kits for families of four or more. For example, amazon.com has many options including Deluxe Backpack Kit, and an Essential pack specializes in emergency packs for home and auto. Also REIs collections of Emergency Kits are very impressive which can be easily customized by you to fit your needs and requirements.

So these were some of the Online Parenting resource for moms to plan and prepare for the natural calamities to protect their kids and families.

Nowadays to be prepared for facing natural disasters is very important and the best online parenting resources for moms and families are available on web to plan for the same. Dotcoms for Moms is a website where we can get total information and online resources necessary for moms to make their life more simplified.

Check out all of these Bug Out Packs at OpticsPlanet.com NOW! http://www.opticsplanet.com/disaster-preparedness.html Preparing for any potential disaster? Ch…
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Prepare For a Disaster

Ever since I was a kid, I was a bit of a sports nut. I was into cricket, tennis, soccer and even made the Teal Cup Squad for the Northern Territory Football team before moving to Coffs Harbour when I was about 15 years old.

Anyway, one of the things I have discovered is most of the great coaches walk into the game with more than one plan in their head. They have a plan to go by if their team gets off to a flying start. and a different plan if their team starts getting hammered early on in the game and its looking like a disaster.

They have already thought about every obstacle to their potential success: what will they do if a key player is injured during the game? How will they handle it if one of the opposition teams top players starts firing on all cylinders? But while conventional positive thinking tells us we should just keep staying positive no matter what, in reality the best approach is putting the positive power of negative preparation to work.

1. Starting out the year, we need to consider how we will handle things if we achieve our objectives early and get off to a flying start? How will we capitalize on this? How will we leverage our momentum to take advantage on everything? On the other hand, what will we do if things start out slowly? Whats your back up plan? Whats your second back up plan? And your third?

For instance, if you are hedging on a particular marketing campaign getting you a bundle of new clients, what will you do if it doesnt? You will need back-up strategies like:

-The web site lead generation strategy

-The fake cheque letter

-The joint venture program

-The special report program

-The convert more customers program

-The get more referrals program.

To name a few. In a nutshell, by using negative preparation, even if one thing doesnt work, youve got plenty of proven back up plans to put in place to ensure you dont end up getting crushed like so many other businesses.

2. Secondly, when you are selling in print, you need to take negative preparation into account. For instance, whenever I create a newspaper or magazine ad, direct mail piece, internet copy or a brochure, I write down all the reasons I can think of which would hold someone back from responding to my offer.

By identifying the negatives I can hit them between the eyes in the copy and cover every single objection which might hold somebody back. I go through an advanced way of doing this and the results you get from following this process will prove to you this approach is one of the most powerful selling strategies there is.

Apply the power of negative preparation and youll get far greater results than you ever thought possible, despite the economic uncertainty. And make sure you send me a note and tell me about the success you have as a result. Success is a matter of how fast you apply a strategy and start enjoying the results.

Make it happen despite the obstacles in your path.

Scott Bywater is a direct mail copywriter and the author of Cash-Flow Advertising. To get access to his highly prized complimentary copy of ’7 Ways To Get More Customers” (valued at .95) and to join his controversial and insighful “Copywriting Selling Secrets” newsletter where you’ll uncover the truth about why most ads and sales letters don’t work (and how to make yours stand out from the rest) head on over to his web site at http://www.copywritingthatsells.com.au

Floods – Survival Preparedness

Flooding is a common occurrence across America. Its one of the most common natural disasters and causes many deaths and financial troubles. Floods can occur anywhere and are caused by many scenarios such as; hurricanes and tropical storms, spring season, new construction, dams and levees. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause severe damage with high winds and tons of rainfall. Hurricanes can cause damage hundreds of miles inland. An example would be North Carolina hurricanes can cause major amounts of rainfall in western Pennsylvania. Fortunately the weather stations can give us plenty of warning when large storms are emerging. This allows plenty of time for survival preparedness. The spring season is also full of rainfall.

The ground may still be frozen and therefore unable to absorb the water. This limited absorption can lead to flooding. Large amounts of rainfall in one area in any season can cause flash flooding. Flash flooding can be the most dangerous because it happens quickly and it can destroy structures. Survival Preparedness can save many lives in this kind of flood. New construction can change the natural drainage of the land and create flood risks in the communities. Survival preparedness in this scenario would be educating yourself before investing in a new property.Just looking at a piece of property after a heavy rainfall can give lots of clues to the drainage of the land. Levees and dams can cause flooding because over time they can become decayed and weak if not properly maintained.

Now we have identified causes of flooding, according to the CDC there are many steps for survival preparedness; be educated about flood zones in your area; learn community emergency plans, plan and practice a flood evacuation route with your family. Ask an out of state friend or relative to be your contact person in case of a disaster and family gets separated. Make sure everyone in the family has the number and address of this person. Inform local authorities about special needs. Identify home hazards, if there is standing water shut off electrical power before you evacuate. Turn off gas and water supplies. have a fire extinguisher, you can have back flow valves or plugs to prevent water from entering through your drains, toilets or other sewage connections. Anchor fuel tanks because it could contaminate basement if torn free. An outside tank could cause damage to other houses if left un-anchored. These tasks along with a survival kit can save lives and and damage. Flood season will soon be approaching, take charge and keep your family safe just by being prepared.

survival kits are an important part of survival success. I have 16 years in the medical field and I know that seconds count. If your not prepared you lose those moments and never get them back. Being prepared for whatever natural disaster occurs in your region, may make a huge difference in your life or someone else’s life.